Why We Love Highlands County

Happy In The Highlands

by Amanda Torres

Some people like to think that living in Highlands county can be a drag because there’s not much to do and all of the “fun” is two plus hours away, but that’s not the case. We have events, festivals, bars and restaurants all nestled together AND it usually takes just a couple minutes to get to them!

Here are five reasons why the small town commute beats the big city bustle.

  1. Traffic! Small town living affords us the luxury of noncrowded streets for safe and smooth travel wherever we need to go.
  2. It only takes 45 minutes to take a 30 mile trip from one side of the county to the other where it would take you 45 minutes to travel 3 miles in South Beach.
  3. Your errands take 20 minutes to get around town. In the city, it would take hours.
  4. You don’t have to plan a trip with “back road detours” in mind because they’re all back roads!
  5. If all else fails and you find yourself wanting to take a trip to the coast or go into the city just hit 70 (east or west) and enjoy the back road scenic route to your destination.

Small town living can come with its drawbacks, but quick drives to all of the fun aren’t one! Tell us why you like small town living in the comments. 

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